Richard Lambert Music

Tristan's March (Op.10 No.1a)

A lively, traditional rondo-structure march for brass band

For solo cornet, cornets 2 & 3, flugel horn, solo horn, horns 1 & 2, baritones 1 & 2, euphonium, trombones 1 & 2, bass trombone, E flat bass, B flat bass, kit, perc 2 (clash cym, glock), timp (opt.)

This short march is dedicated to the composer’s son, Tristan. It was arranged for a brass band competition in August 1987.

The original version of the march (Op.10 No.1, formerly entitled A Village Jubilee) is for concert band, the first movement of Three Piece Suite (Op.10), dating from 1977.

It is composed with the traditional rondo march structure: a short introduction; a 16-bar main theme in E flat major (A); a 32-bar bass theme (B); a return of the main theme, this time with a euphonium counter-melody (A1); a Trio (C) with 32 bars in A flat major, also with a euphonium counter-melody; a final statement of the A1 theme (16 bars).