Richard Lambert Music

Abigail's Jig for alto saxophone and piano (Op.10 No.2j)

A lively piece for alto saxophone and piano, combining the atmosphere of an Irish jig and cowboy music!

Originally composed for flute and piano in 1980 to celebrate the birth of Abby, the composer’s daughter, this version for alto sax was written in 2017.

It attempts to capture the atmosphere of an Irish jig as played by a piper, with a harmonically straightforward piano part, which uses a mixture of ’vamping’ and melodic imitation of the sax part.

The introduction is intended to be humorous and rather musically misleading, openly parodying the ‘cowboy’ music of Aaron Copland. Modal harmony helps to create the mood of pseudo-folk music.



Abigail's Jig for alto sax and piano is in the repertoire list for the 2019 alto/baritone sax (grade 7, List A) London College of Music examinations.


This recording of Abigail's Jig was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.