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Duetto capriccioso (Op.12 No.1b)

A lively movement for two pianos in extended ternary form using a mixture of styles – from pseudo Irish folk to ballad pop

An arrangement for two pianos of 7 Up (Op.12 No.1a).

Duetto capriccioso was arranged for two pianos in 1995, and given its first performance on 16 March that year by Ayako Hasegawa and the composer at St. Christopher School, Letchworth in Hertfordshire.

The piece is an extended ternary structure in an overall D modal minor key, with the central section in B flat major. The piece borrows from a mixture of styles: part pseudo Irish-folk in the dorian mode, part jazz, with syncopated rhythms and 'blue' notes, and part popular music with simple tonic-bass harmony, albeit with an individual style of juxtaposing remote chords.

The two pianists explore a variety of textures over a wide tonal range, with the top part perhaps having the lion's share of melodic material.


  1. 16 March 1995 St Christopher School, Letchworth (Herts, UK) Ayako Hasegawa, Richard Lambert
  2. 28 March 1995 Tannery Drift School, Royston (Herts, UK) Ayako Hasegawa, Richard Lambert
  3. 19 January 1996 St Christopher School, Letchworth (Herts, UK) Ayako Hasegawa, Richard Lambert


"I was mightily impressed with your 'world premiere' Duetto Capriccioso; performed with great panache! A second hearing would be enjoyable."

David O Parker, Letchworth, 17 March 1995


This recording of Duetto capriccioso was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


You can view and purchase the score of Duetto capriccioso from Score Exchange.

If you wish to listen to the piece on that website, select the ‘MP3 file’ link instead of playing the embedded score for better audio quality.

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