Richard Lambert Music

Piano Sonata (Op.21)

A sonata for piano in three movements in a mix of modal, serial and atonal styles

The first movement, thinly textured writing in a lilting 6/8 time, uses free-ranging chromaticism, with Gallic overtones, around an E modal tonality. Two or three motifs are continuously developed, but the music never really reaches a convincing climax. Control is maintained over intensity, and the music comes to rest quietly, unresolved on a bare ninth chord.

The second movement is more austere, constructed in a strict, yet expressive, dodecaphonic serialism.


  1. 1 May 2010,at the Maytime Concert of Words and Music at St John’s Church, Batheaston, near Bath (first movement only)
  2. 6 October 2012, at the Karmi (Karaman) village church, near Kyrenia, North Cyprus, by the composer (piano) — first movement only


This recording of Piano Sonata is of a performance on 1 May 2010.

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