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Psalm chants with Canticles and Proper Psalms (Op.26)

A set of 30 (Book of Common Prayer) psalm chants, for liturgical use, using 20th century harmonic language

This set of 30 (Book of Common Prayer) psalm chants dates from 2001 to 2008 and is for Anglican liturgical use.

Certain psalms are suitable for use at Morning Prayer (MP), or Evening Prayer (EP) as indicated, but the chants may be used arbitrarily for any psalm.

It is assumed that the longer canticles or psalms (e.g. Benedicite) would use two chants to provide expressive variety; any of the set may be used, as appropriate, in combination.

The harmonic language is deliberately personalised to give a fresh approach to this established medium; traditional rules of harmony are waived, and sprinklings of mild astringency are included to give a slightly contemporary flavour, whilst still respecting the overall convention.

Styles of Anglican chanting in parish churches and cathedrals of the Anglican Communion vary enormously. It is envisaged that these chants will be used freely, with some verses unaccompanied, or the two sides of the choir alternating verses. The emphasis should be on expressive contrast.

Proper psalms on certain days


The Psalms of David (for general use)


I've listened to your chants today.....  love them, especially the canticles!

Rodney Parker, former D/M Band of the Grenadier Guards. 13 May 2010



You can view and purchase the score of Psalm chants with Canticles and Proper Psalms from Score Exchange.

If you wish to listen to the piece on that website, select the ‘MP3 file’ link instead of playing the embedded score for better audio quality.

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