Richard Lambert Music

Shadow-veiled as the years pass (Op.27 No.2b)

An elegiac piece for flute and piano

This piece is a reworking of the song An end from the composer's song cycle …too bitter sweet, (Op. 27) and  takes its title from a line in the Rossetti poem, which suggests an overall mood of regret and nostalgia.

Based on a rising minor arpeggio in an E modal minor tonality, the main theme is varied slightly on each statement. Likewise the secondary motif, first heard in bars 27-30, is presented differently each time.

Wistful throughout and unashamedly melodic, the flute part is in constant dialogue with the piano accompaniment.



This recording of Shadow-veiled as the years pass was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


You can purchase Shadow-veiled as the years pass (FM519) from Forton Music.

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