Richard Lambert Music the quiet evening hours (Op.27 No.2c)

An elegiac piece for alto flute and piano

This piece is a reworking of the song An end from the composer's song cycle …too bitter sweet, (Op.27) and takes its title from a line in the Rossetti poem, which suggests an overall mood of regret and nostalgia.

Based on a rising minor arpeggio in an E modal minor tonality, the main theme is varied slightly on each statement. Likewise the secondary motif, first heard in bars 27-30, is presented differently each time.

Wistful throughout and unashamedly melodic, the flute part is in constant dialogue with the piano accompaniment.


  1. 7 August 2009 at St Lawrence Jewry Church, next Guildhall, London EC2. Rachel Smith (flute)
  2. 24 June 2017 St Peter's Church, Barrowden, Rutland UK. Rachel Smith (alto flute)


This recording of …in the quiet evening hours was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


You can view and purchase the score of the quiet evening hours from Forton Music (FM250 2015: ISMN 979-0-57048-419-5).

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