Richard Lambert Music

Clarion Call (Op.30 No.6)

This highly rhythmic fanfare is suitable for any ceremonial occasion

This highly rhythmic fanfare, with its rapidly changing time signatures, is suitable for any ceremonial occasion. It is highly contrapuntal and mildly dissonant, but concludes tonally. Level of difficulty: grade 8+.


A fanfare for three trumpets and three trombones, I rather imagine this played as a precursor to a choral hymn of praise. The harmonies are “edgy” and there are interesting rhythmic elements within the piece. The numerous changes of time signature doesn’t affect the smooth run of the melody lines and there is much good use made of imitation. Clarion Call certainly contains dissonant harmonies but it all sounds natural and “right”, after hearing it you are well set-up for the next piece on the programme.

Malcolm Crane



This recording of Clarion Call was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


You can view and purchase the score of Clarion Call from Score Exchange.

If you wish to listen to the piece on that website, select the ‘MP3 file’ link instead of playing the embedded score for better audio quality.

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