Richard Lambert Music

Guitar Quartet (Op.39)

A tonal work for four guitars in three movements

This work draws from earlier material in the composer’s oeuvre. The first movement, the least tonal of the three, is wistful and nostalgic, and the emotion is restrained with controlled climaxes. The central movement is elegiac and traditionally melodic. It progresses from the opening D minor key to a celebratory D major ending. The finale revisits the composer’s favoured ‘Irish jig’ style; the entire movement derives from a rising five-note scalic motif.


I was really very pleased to receive your mail with the attached music for four guitars… I’m very enthusiastic and will love to play it. You made an excellent job!!! I’m delighted with your music, I consider it a wonderful gift and you can be absolutely sure that we will work on it with passion and respect…

Oscar Zamora, Aranjuez Guitar Quartet, Lima (8 January 2013)


This recording of Guitar Quartet was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


You can view and purchase the score of Guitar Quartet from Score Exchange.

If you wish to listen to the piece on that website, select the ‘MP3 file’ link instead of playing the embedded score for better audio quality.

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