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A Birthday Celebration (Op.4)

A short triumphant fanfare and postlude for concert band

For concert band (picc, 2fl, 2ob, 3cl, bsn, 3crnts, 3hns, 3tbns, alto sax, ten sax, tuba, euph, drum kit, timps)

This work was composed in 1977 as part of the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations, and originally entitled Aufwachenmusik.

Conceived as a fanfare and postlude, it was first performed in Bassingbourn Church near Royston, Hertfordshire, on 5 June that year by the Junior Band of the Queen's Division (conductor Rodney Parker).

In 1980 it was edited by Parker and performed on December 12 in the Colston Hall, Bristol, by the massed military bands of The Regimental Band of the Royal Regiment of Wales and The Regimental Band of the Cheshire Regiment.

It was later recorded in 1981 by the Staff Band of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, and was released on the Sounds of Ceremony album, as the finale track (MM0584).

The opening fanfares, based on clashing arpeggios, lead to a spirited allegro; the celebration is confirmed by a return to the fanfare theme.

Olympic Fanfare (Op.4a)

A one-minute fanfare for concert band, celebrating the 2012 London Olympics

The brief Olympic Fanfare, (Op 4a), a reduction of Op.4, was arranged by Rodney Parker to celebrate the London Olympics in 2012.

"Unexpected chord progressions symbolise the meeting of nations and repetitive, echoing figures represent striving before the triumphant conclusion, proudly portraying unity and victory." (R Parker).    

  1. 5 June 1977 (Op 4) at Bassingbourn church, Cambridgeshire, with the Junior Band of the Queen's Division and Rodney Parker (conductor)
  2. 12 December 1980 (Op 4) at Colston Hall, Bristol, with the Regimental Band of the Royal Regiment of Wales, the Regimental Band of the Cheshire Regiment and Rodney Parker (conductor)


This recording of Olympic Fanfare was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


A Birthday Celebration will shortly be available on Score Exchange.

Olympic Fanfare is on Score Exchange, and can also be purchased from Dorset Wind Music. The band parts are in A5 landscape format so can be used indoors as they stand, or be cropped for march-card use outside.

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