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Toccata for organ 'Gloria, laus et honor' (Op.57 No.1)

A jubilant toccata for organ, based on the Easter hymn 'All glory, laud and honour'

The exuberant toccata is centred around the Easter hymn, 'All Glory, Laud and Honour'. The melody is presented in the pedals initially in a free and augmented rhythm, modulating freely.

The jubilant, bravura manual work which opens the piece, continues inexorably between the lines of the hymn, and is presented canonically as many as fourteen times - in a variety of keys and dynamic levels.

Several lines of the hymn are presented chordally in chorale prelude style, and harmonised freely to reinforce the triumphant mood. The final four bars conclude in an affirming C major with astringent added F sharps.

This was written at the request of LCM examiner Peter Hallam.



This recording of Toccata for organ 'Gloria, laus et honor' was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


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