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By this Will All Men Know (Op.6)

A Pentecostal cantata for SATB choir, soprano and baritone soloists, and organ

A cantata for SATB choir, soprano and baritone soloists, and organ. (The short solo parts could be taken by members of the choir)

An alternative version, Op 6a (as originally performed)  has additional percussion parts for 2 players. These optional parts are available for hire/purchase.

Texts (in English, Latin and Hebrew) selected by Jane Kennedy: sources include New English Bible, Revised Standard Version, Alternative Service Book, Hebrew Psalms and Roman Mass.

This cantata is intended to convey the constancy of the Christian message, whatever language is used to tell it. The changes in liturgical language and understanding are traced from the confusion of the tower of Babel, to the simple clarity of Christian teaching demonstrated at Pentecost, when Man rediscovered a clear means of communication, through love of his fellow man.

It opens with the Latin sicut erat in principio and ends with the modern English: as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever; and also includes a reminder of the Hebrew origins of the faith.


  1. 15 May 1982 at St John the Baptist church, Royston, Hertfordshire, with Chanticleer chamber choir, Mark Walters, Jonathan Power (percussion) and Roger Pope (organ). Performed at Royston Arts Festival

    In a letter to the composer dated 25 July 1982, Elizabeth Poston wrote: “That work of yours stays with me and I do feel that in it you have found not only a happy style for this particular subject, but because musically it is yours and individual without subscribing to the exaggeration and obscurity of so much contemporary writing. This comes as both joy and stimulus and gives one hope in the midst of an over-dose of the bogus and adventurous. Anyhow, very real congratulations.”

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Copies are available from the composer