Richard Lambert Music

Dillington Burlesque (Op.62 No.1)

A short work for guitar orchestra in seven parts, including electric bass guitar

This short ensemble piece was commissioned by guitarist Peter Rueffer for the student guitar orchestra to study and perform at the 23rd Dillington Classical Guitar Summer School and Festival (30 July to 5 August 2017).

Dillington House, near Ilminster in Somerset, UK dates back to the 16th century and is one of the most beautiful houses in the county. It was once the home of Lord North, Prime Minister during the reign of George III. Its splendid gardens and parkland setting make it a perfect location for the Summer School.

Course Director Peter Rueffer is joined by regular tutors Arne Brattland and Lydia Hepworth. Students work in small ensemble groups and in a guitar orchestra; the parts range in difficulty from intermediate to advanced. Each evening there are concerts given by international artists and on the last day there is a student ensemble concert – for which Dillington Burlesque was commissioned.

Dillington Burlesque is basically tonal, but eschews a sense of key (until the somewhat surprising conclusion in Bb major!). It freely develops two or three persistent motifs and the parts are graded to allow for differing levels of ability.



Wow, what a piece! I’ve listened to it a few times and like it more and more… Thanks again for the piece, it's going to be a real challenge but also a lot of fun.

Peter Rueffer, Course Director, Dillington Classical Guitar Summer School and Festival



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