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Five Short Pieces (Op.9a)

A set of pieces for flute and piano, freely based on poems by Christina Rees

This set of movements for flute and piano was originally arranged in 1985, and revised in 2008. It was given its first performance at the Ward Freman School, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, on July 17th 1985 by Elizabeth Yow with the composer accompanying.

The five pieces are elaborate transcriptions of To One, five songs to poems by Christina Rees, which convey the countless moods associated with a relationship.

The first piece (originally Empty Night, which evoked the desolation of a separation) has a free use of tonality, chromaticism and a prominent use of the augmented fourth within a minor mode, all of which help to create and feeling of despair.

The mood lightens with the second piece (originally called 'To Entice You' with erotic, seductive lyrics), which is structured within a gently sardonic waltz style.

The third piece has a wide range of dynamic shading and uses a straightforward ternary structure, where the outer sections revert to unusually juxtaposed chords, as in the first piece.

The fourth, in B flat major, is more relaxed, using jazz-style chords, and a variety of moods and tone colours.

The finale concludes the set in triumphant mood. Set within a firm A major tonality, it once again utilises chording remote from this key, and chord clusters, perhaps suggesting an ominous fragility beneath the superficial confidence and display.



...they’re intelligently written and attractive to listen to.

Rachel Emerson, Emerson Edition Ltd, 15 January 2010


  1. 17 July 1985 Ward Freman School, Buntingford (Herts, UK), Elizabeth Yow (flute), Richard Lambert (piano)
  2. 21 January 1987 St Christopher School, Letchworth (Herts, UK), Simeon Wood (flute), Richard Lambert (piano)
  3. 22 and 23 April 1996 St Christopher School, Letchworth (Herts, UK), Ayako Hasegawa (flute), Richard Lambert (piano)
  4. 8 June 1996 'Carfax', Broadway, Letchworth (Herts, UK), Ayako Hasegawa (flute), Richard Lambert (piano)


This recording of Five Short Pieces was produced using computer software called Sibelius: it is not a live recording.


You can purchase Five Short Pieces in Cameos for flute and piano (FM 617), from Forton Music

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